New Time Team dig at Sutton Hoo

The revamped Time Team group will be starting a new dig at Sutton Hoo this June, looking to learn more about the Anglo-Saxon cemetery discovered there in 2000. The group is collaborating with the National Trust in a two-year project, and the dig will be showcased on the Time Team YouTube channel. [@thetimeteam Picture: Alex … Read more

The Industrial Revolution comes to rural Suffolk

Dee Dent’s research into her family’s history has thrown light on how the arrival of modern industrial manufacturing transformed life in Victorian Suffolk. A pony and trap hired from the local pub, a picnic basket, and her much-loved grandfather at the reins. My mother had a perfect summer holiday when she and her younger brother went … Read more

The Riot Act

By Nell Darby. The Riot Act came into effect in England on 1 August 1715, a response to a series of civil disturbances that had taken place across England over the previous five years, it was intended to introduce a quicker way of punishing rioters and “riotous assemblies”. The act made it illegal for 12 … Read more