Museums in Aberdeenshire

University of Aberdeen Pathology & Forensic Medicine Collection

Department of Pathology, Medical School, Foresterhill
Aberdeen AB25 2ZD

The Pathology and Forensic Medicine Collection provides an important comprehensive and unique 20th century record of disease manifestations and traumatic pathology. It comprises of more than 2000 specimens and objects.

University of Aberdeen, Anatomy Museum

The Suttie Centre for Teaching & Learning in Healthcare, Foresterhill,
Aberdeen AB25 2ZD

The Anatomy Museum collection comprises specimens and objects that provide a comprehensive reference for normal anatomical conditions, which covers the range of functional body systems. The collection has over 2000 specimans and objects, including human tissue, osteological material, historical anatomical models and information relating to 19th century grave robbing.

University of Aberdeen, Geological Collections

Department of Geology and Petroleum Geology, Meston Building, King's College
Aberdeen AB24 3UE

The Geological Collections are a repository for research material of palaeontological, mineralogical and lithological nature. Numbering around 32,000 specimens, worldwide in scope.

University of Aberdeen, Herbarium

Department of Plant and Soil Science, Cruickshank Building, St Machar Drive, King's College
Aberdeen AB24 3UU

The Herbarium is an internationally important collection. It contains approximately 120,000 specimens and consists of material that is worldwide in scope, with the British and South-East Asian collections forming the core of the collection.

University of Aberdeen, Natural Philosophy Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments

Fraser Noble Building, Aberdeen University, King's College
Aberdeen AB24 3UE

The Natural Philosophy Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments is one of the most diverse collections in any British University, covering some 250 years. The earliest material dates from the mid-18th century and the most recent from the 21st centruy.