Stockport Hat Works reopens

Britain’s only museum dedicated to the hat-making industry, the Hat Works Museum in Stockport, has reopened this week after a four-year redevelopment project. Working Victorian machinery can be seen, along with more than 1000 new objects. [@hatworksmuseum]

A visit to the People’s History Museum

This museum focuses on the lives of the ordinary – yet extraordinary – people who fought for democracy, writes Nell Darby. The People’s History Museum is one of our all-time favourite museums. It focuses on the lives of ordinary people in the past, looking at their political involvement and how they marched or fought for … Read more

Launch of Peterloo anniversary website

A new website,, has been launched today (18 March) that will interactively explore the events and legacy of the Peterloo Massacre 200 years after this watershed moment in Britain’s democracy.  Using detailed 3D imagery the user is placed in St Peter’s Field so that they can see how events unfolded when 60,000 people gathered … Read more