Bothwell Castle

Uddingston Road
Bothwell G71 8TD

Bothwell is Scotland's largest and finest 13th century castle. Part of the original circular keep survives.

Bothwell Parish Church

48 Main Street
Bothwell G71 8EX

Bothwell Parish Church is the oldest Collegiate Church in Scotland in which worship is still held. It is one of the most ancient, historic, beautiful and worshipful church buildings in Scotland.

Brownsbank Cottage

c/o Biggar Museum Trust, Moat Park
Biggar ML12 6DT

Few people would question the key role of Christopher Murray Grieve ('Hugh MacDiarmid') in the Scottish Literary Renaissance of the 1920s. His rebelliously controversial statements about Scottish culture and identity gave a dynamic new perspective on the nation's arts, politics, education and philosophy. His cottage, as it is now, retains many of its original artefacts: portraits, wallie dugs, memorabilia.

David Livingstone Centre

165 Station Road
Blantyre G72 9BT

Scotland's most famous explorer and missionary was born here in 1813, in a single-roomed house in Shuttle Row - today a Grade A listed tenement. It is now part of the museum that tells the story of Livingstone's explorations in Africa and is home to a wide range of his personal belongings and travel aids. The museum also gives a fascinating insight into the harsh conditions endured by industrial workers in the 19th century.

Greenhill Covenanter's House

Burn Braes
Biggar ML12 6DT

This 17th century house was rescued from its original location at Wiston about 13km away. On visiting Greenhill you return to the troubled century of the signing of the National Covenant and of the 'Killing Times', when people were hunted down for worshipping in open fields, rather than attending state controlled churches.

Moat Park Heritage Centre

Moat Park, Kirkstyle
Biggar ML12 6DT

Geology displays explain how the Clyde and Tweed valleys were formed millions of years ago, and splendid models portray early dwellings, mottes, castles and bastle houses, all accompanied by archaeological exhibits. Among many other colourful characters from history you will encounter an Iron Age family and one of the invading Roman soldiers from around 1900 years ago.

National Museum of Rural Life Scotland

Wester Kittochside, Philipshill Road
East Kilbride G76 9HR

You'll find plenty to fill your day out at the National Museum of Rural Life. We've got pigs, sheep, cows, horses and hens, as well as an award-winning museum, historic farmhouse and wide open fields.

North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre

High Road
Motherwell ML1 3HU

Our six-level tower is a permanent exhibition space where you will be able to explore the history of the Motherwell area from pre-history to the present. Visitors who wish to research their local or family history can do so in our friendly local history room on the first floor.