Family History Record Book 2: A family tree workbook extension to record generations 9 & 10



The Family History Record Book 2 is a follow-up to the first Family History Record Book and enables you to record details of two further generations of your ancestors. Using the two books together, you can now record your research into more than 1,000 ancestors, across ten generations!

This offers an easy-to-use, usefully organised way to record the details of your ancestors as you progress your genealogy research beyond the first few generations – ideal for more advanced researchers. It provides generous, clear space for recording generations 9 and 10 of your family (where you are generation 1). Available in both paperback or hardback, this is the ideal way to store your family tree for the future.

The book contains:

  • a handy set of summary pedigree charts for generations 8 to 10
  • lots of space to record multiple pieces of information about ancestors going back to 7x-great-grandparents, including dates and sources used

Note: you will need the first Family History Record Book to record generations 1-8 in detail.

ISBN 978-1905315352, 276 pages • Free UK postage

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