National Archives exhibition explores the Cold War

Protect and Survive: Britain’s Cold War Revealed is a new exhibition at The National Archives in Kew exploring the impact of the Cold War on Britain, from the corridors of power and hidden government bunkers to daily life in the home. Discover the real evidence of what happened during this turbulent era of secrets and paranoia.

Mark Dunton, Contemporary Records Specialist at The National Archives and Curator of the exhibition, said: ‘The pervasive threat of nuclear war impacted everyday life for millions of people and this thought-provoking exhibition offers a unique look into political and ideological tensions between the East and West.’

An array of original documents are on display, including political memos, spy confessions, civil defence posters and even a letter from Winston Churchill to the Queen. These documents provide visitors with a rare glimpse into the complexities of government operations during this time of infiltration and betrayal.

The exhibition runs until 9 November is accompanied by free highlights tours and a programme of high-profile events exploring the Cold War from a multitude of perspectives.

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