Rue de la Patente
St Lawrence JE3 1HS


Let us transport you back to the turbulent era of the English Civil War, courtesy of one of our Goodwyfs, each with a different story to tell - or just enjoy the fresh country air and tranquility of rural Jersey. There is much to see in this unique collection of lovingly restored farm houses, gardens, meadows and orchard including a small museum, an environmental trail, farm animals and children's play area.

Jersey Museum

The Weighbridge
St Helier JE2 3NF


The bright and spacious Jersey Museum offers hours of interest and enjoyment. It is the gateway to the island, its people, its customs and industries both past and present.

La Hougue Bie Museum

La Route De La Hougue Bie
St Saviour JE2 7UA


Deep inside the 6,000-year-old mound lies one of the finest Neolithic dolmens in Europe. Older than the pyramids of Egypt, the 13m high mound is topped by a medieval chapel to make a picturesque vantage point in the island.

Maritime Museum

New North Quay
St Helier JE2


The Maritime Museum has so much to see, do and experience that you need to allow yourself plenty of time - especially if you have children with you. Since its grand opening in July 1997, this hands-on attraction has delighted visitors, both young and old and has received a great deal of media acclaim.