Alderney Museum

The Alderney Society, The Museum, High Street
Alderney GY9 3TG

The museum collection on display reveals an island community changing over the years to both external and internal pressures. Alderney has a fascinating history starting with extensive Stone, Bronze and Iron Age activity, with object evidence of historically important Roman activity at Longy. The Victorian era brought huge change to Alderney and the landscape it still dominated by Queen Victoria's interest in the island as a defence harbour from the French. Most recently the Second World War had an extreme effect on Alderney when all but a few of the island's inhabitants were evacuated and the island occupied by German forces for the duration of the war.

Castle Cornet & Museums

Castle Emplacement
St Peter Port GY1 1AU

Castle Cornet is Guernsey's ancient harbour fortress, which was isolated upon a rocky islet until the construction of a breakwater and bridge in the 19th century. Dating from the 13th century it was periodically upgraded, withstanding sieges during the Hundred Years War and English Civil Wars. Collections: Substantial collections of maritime art, weapons, medals, militaria, uniforms, ship models, Roman and medieval archaeology, ship-building and privateering.

Hauteville House

38 Hauteville
St Peter Port GY1 1DG

Hauteville House is where Victor Hugo lived in exile for 15 years (from 1856 to 1870). An enthusiastic collector of secondhand furniture and bric-??-brac, he brought back a profusion of chests, sideboards, carpets, mirrors, crockery, figurines and other objects from his excursions around the island.