Castle Rushen

Castle Street
Castletown IM9 1LD

Situated at the heart of the Isle of Man's ancient capital, Castletown, this impressive limestone fortress was the seat of the former Kings and Lords of Mann, with the castle's oldest parts dating to the time of Magnus, last Norse King of Mann, who died in 1265. Later the castle served as an administrative centre, a mint, a law court, and for over 100 years until the late 19th century, as a prison. Today, spectacular displays illustrate the castle at various times in history, with figures in period costume, historical furnishings, wall hangings, realistic food, contemporary music and speech brining the castle's medieval and 17th century periods to life.

Great Laxey Wheel & Mines Trail, The

Mines Road
Laxey IM4 7NL

Built in 1854 to pump water from the Laxey mines, the Laxey Wheel is the world's greatest industrial water wheel. Known as 'Lady Isabella', a climb to the top of the Wheel is rewarded with breathtaking views across the valley, while the 'mines trail' displays the remains of a once thriving industrial complex and offers a pleasant walk through Glen Mooar.

Grove, The: Museum of Victorian Life

Andreas Road
Ramsey IM8 3UA

Originally developed as the summer retreat for a wealthy Victorian merchant, The Grove tells the story of the Gibbs - a wealthy Victorian family in the Isle of Man. The period rooms in this modest sized Victorian villa display sumptuous original furnishings, costumes and a wealth of accumulated possessions, while the small complex of outbuildings shows the early farm vehicles and equipment that would have been used.

House of Manannan

Peel Quayside
Peel IM5 1TA

The mythological sea god, Manannan, guides you through the island's rich Celtic, Viking and maritime past, over 2000 years of unique Manx heritage. Step inside splendid reconstructions of a Manx Celtic roundhouse and a Viking longhouse.

National Folk Museum at Cregneash, The

Arbrory Road
Cregneash IM9 5PT

Cregneash is the living, working illustration of 19th and 20th century Manx crofting life. Visitors can see traditional farming methods and skills in action, including the fields being worked with horse-drawn equipment, the processing of Manx loghtan wool, and woodturning in the Turner's Shed.

Nautical Museum

Parliament Square
Castletown IM9 1LA

Home of George Quayle's 18th century armed yacht 'The Peggy', this fascinating building perserves Quayle's mysterious architectural designs, and houses a replica sailmaker's loft. In the fishing gallery, you'll find a collection of boat models, equipment and photographs which reflect the importance of the Manx fishing industry.

Old Grammar School

St Mary's Chapel
Castletown IM9 1LE

Built around 1200 as the first town church, St Mary's Chapel changed its role from 1570 to become the Grammar School, which closed in 1930. Rows of bench desks with ink wells are reminders of early Victorian school days.

Old House of Keys, The

Parliament Square
Castletown IM9 1LA

Inside the finely restored 19th century home of the Manx Parliament, visitors become members of the House of Keys through the ages, debating and deciding upon momentous issues from Manx political history. Should women be given the vote? Should motor racing be allowed on Manx public roads? Listen to the arguments for and against and then cast your vote..

Peel Castle

St Patrick's Isle
Peel IM5 1TB

One of the island's principle historic centres, this great natural fortress with its imposing curtain wall set majestically at the mouth of Peel Harbour is steeped in Viking heritage. The sandstone walls of Peel Castle enclose an 11th century church and the Round Tower, the 13th century St German's Cathedral and the later apartments of the Lords of Mann.

Rushen Abbey

Mill Road
Ballasalla IM9 3DB

Located in Ballasalla, Rushen Abbey is the Isle of Man's most substantial and important religious site, the highlight of a 'Christian Heritage' route around the island which includes ancient kiells and the carved stone crosses which can be found at parish churches and chapels throughout the Isle of Man. Explore the roots of Manx Christianity, the work of the Cistercian monks and life within the Abbey, before its closure in 1540.