This book brings together more than 75 colour illustrations of the Great Exhibition of 1851, produced by several contemporary Victorian artists, for the first time in one volume. The images are reproduced in full colour, making this the most complete visual account of the exhibition available.

Originally published across three different volumes, the images in this book give modern readers the closest possible experience to being present at the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park. Scenes explore the many international exhibits, particularly from India and across Europe and the Americas, as well as the industrial and domestic goods produced by the powerhouses of British manufacture.

The artists featured include: John Absolon (1815-95), Edwin Thomas Dolby (fl 1849-70), Walter Goodall (1830-1889), Louis Haghe (1806-1885), Joseph Nash (1809-78), Henry Clark Pidgeon (1807-1880), David Roberts (1796-1864), William Telbin (1813-1873) and Thomas Harrington Wilson (fl 1842-1886).

This book will fascinate anyone with an interest in Victorian history and the achievements of the 19th century British Empire.

(Note: this book does not include explanatory text about the Great Exhibition, beyond image captions, but a list of suggested further reading is included.)

Hardback edition ISBN 9781905315642

(Note: the ebook version is low resolution, best suited to screen viewing.)