The Ley Hunter’s Manual: A Guide to Early Tracks


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The Ley Hunter’s Manual was written by Alfred Watkins, a Herefordshire-based antiquarian, businessman and photography pioneer, and first published in 1927 as a follow-up to his hugely successful book The Old Straight Track (also available from Heritage Hunter). Although later adopted by the New Age movement to mean lines of ‘earth energies’, Watkins’ original vision of ‘leys’ was simply of a system of alignments of natural and man-made features in the landscape, used by our ancient forebears to orient themselves in the world.

After the success of his previous book, Watkins inspired many other people to explore the topography and ancient history of the British landscape, and The Ley Hunter’s Manual provides his succinct and informative field guide to observing its features, perfect for anyone who enjoys exploring Britain’s ancient sights.

This edition includes more than 60 photographs and drawings by Alfred Watkins.

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