Inns of Court & City Yeomanry Museum

10 Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn
London WC2A 3TG

A small collection housed in a classical George II building (1760 approx) in Lincoln's Inn recording the most unusual history of the regiment and its predecessor units going back to 1584 when the members, all lawyers, were formed to defend London against the threat of a Spanish invasion. Subsequently members took part in the English Civil War and the defence of the City during the Gordon Riots.

Islington Local History Centre & Museum

245 St John Street, Islington
London EC1V 4NB

The New Islington Museum opened its doors in May 2008. Using its collection it explores the boroughs history through a number of exciting ways. Collections: Islington Museum.

IWM London (part of Imperial War Museums)

Lambeth Road
London SE1 6HZ

IWM London tells the stories of those whose lives have been shaped by war through the depth, breadth and impact of our Galleries, displays and events. Our new First World War Galleries tell the story of the war - how it started, why it continued and its global impact - through the lives of those who experienced it. Collections: 20th century collections, include: art, documents, film and video archive, printed books, photograph archive, sound archive, exhibits and firearms.