Deal Castle - English Heritage

Victoria Road
Deal CT14 7BA

For a day out of adventure and exploration, where kids can imagine life as a soldier visit Deal Castle. Dare the whole family to explore the dark passages that wind through the huge bastions and discover the castle's history from the interactive exhibition.

Dover Castle - English Heritage

Dover CT16 1HU

Set high above the famous white cliffs, Dover Castle boasts a colourful and fascinating history. The most iconic of all English fortresses commanding the gateway to the realm for nine centuries. Climb the Great Tower, meet the characters and immerse yourself in vivid medieval interiors. Then delve deep within Dover's White Cliffs to witness the drama in the Secret Wartime Tunnels. Roam through centuries of history at Dover Castle, from the Romans to the Cold War.

Down House - Home of Charles Darwin

Down House
Downe BR6 7JT

An intimate window into the life of England's best known scientist. It was from his study at Down House that Charles Darwin worked on the scientific theories that culminated in a book 'On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection' that both scandalised and revolutionised Victorian Britain.

Drop Redoubt

Drop Redoubt Road
Dover CT17 9AP

The Drop Redoubt together with the Western Heights, forms the largest Napoleonic fortress in Britain. They are an excellent example of British defence from the Napoleonic period right through to the Second World War.